Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday morning was my first run with the Lansing Team. It was great! We did a 3-mile course around downtown Dewitt, which is a small town north of Lansing. There were maybe 7-10 runners there, plus the two coaches, Bruce and Lynnae. I was also able to meet my fundraising mentor, Lori. Everyone was very supportive and friendly.

Before the run, we had a clinic on stretching and injury prevention. It was very helpful! I learned never to stretch before a run, because stretching a cold muscle could injure it. I also learned what types of stretches and strength training exercises will help guard against injury. I was also able to talk to the other runners about my hip, which was injured last spring when I was training for the Bayshore full marathon. They think my pelvis may be out of alignment. Hopefully with the help and support of my teammates and coaches, I can make it to the finish line injury free!

I ran another 2 miles this morning, with my puppy in tow. We set a new personal record!

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