Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, our 5 mile run yesterday afternoon was a success!! The trails were closed to hikers (and runners) for cross country skiing, so we ran around Lake Lansing and back. Running on flat dry asphalt was a nice break from our usual treacherous snowy trails runs. Akitla seemed to thrive in the sub-zero temperature, but my fingers ached from the cold for the first 2 miles.

Today we had a nice 2 mile recovery run around the lake. I use my shorter distance runs to work on speed, so it was a tough 2 miles. The temperature is still in the single-digits here, and the 27 mph gusts of wind did not help matters.

Seth and I also joined the YMCA today! Now that we have a gym membership, I can get back into spinning classes and lap swimming, which I haven't done since completing my first triathlon in the fall. Plus, I desperately need to start strength training. I'm convinced my hip injury last spring was because I increased my running mileage too fast and didn't do any other types of exercise.

Time to go unthaw, stretch, and have a nice, hot cup of tea!

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