Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was lucky enough to spend my birthday weekend with two very close friends: Mim and Deitra. We met several years ago while attending Bowling Green State University for our Master's degrees in sociology and have been inseparable ever since (despite the physical distance between us). Mim lives in St. Paul with her husband, and Deitra lives in downtown Chicago. Last, Friday morning I took the train to meet up with Deitra. Before flying to St. Paul together Saturday morning, I was able to squeeze in a 6-mile run along Chicago's Lake Shore Path. Deitra lives in an ideal location, nestled a block and a half from Navy Pier and a block and a half from Michigan Avenue. I started out the run with a loop around Navy Pier and then ran several miles north along the water into Lincoln Park before turning around and heading back to her apartment. Chicago's lake shore is probably my absolute favorite place to go running, and I never miss a chance when visiting Deitra. The view is spectacular.

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