Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 mile group run

This morning Julie and I had our 9 mile run group run in Dewitt. A new Team in Training group started, so we were joined by new members who were beginning their training for summer half and full marathons. It seems like just yesterday that we were the newbies, running only 3 or 4 miles on our group "long runs." I'm so proud of how far we've come! I'm amazed that I often catch myself uttering the phrase, "only 4 miles" when my husband asks me how far I'll be running as I head out the door in the morning.

Our run this morning was relatively laid back and relaxing. We took it easy, and (mostly) stuck to our 1 mile run and 1/10 of a mile walk intervals. Julie's making incredible progress, so I think I'll have her weaned off her walk breaks in no time.

The picture to the left was taken at one of the Team in Training aid stations. I had just tried the chocolate PowerBar gel for the first time, which I don't recommend during a run. It was delicious, thick, and rich, like a decadent desert, and not at all refreshing. I think I'll stick with their energy blasts or Gatorade from now on.

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