Thursday, February 18, 2010

sun and dry pavement!!!!!

Today was the first day in weeks that I was able to run on dry pavement! And the sun was shining!! It was amazing!

Since our snowstorm last week, Akitla and I have been suffering through deep snow and ice on the sidewalks. Unfortunately, when we get a lot of deep snow-cover, Lake Lansing trails are converted into cross-country ski trails and are closed to pedestrians and dogs. I love running on the snowy trails, but snowy sidewalks can be very treacherous.

Last week I fell for the first time on pavement. I was 1.98 miles into my 2 mile run and rounding the corner to turn onto my street. I hit a patch of ice, and lost control, skidding across the pavement on my palms and knees. I had just taken off my mittens, so I was skidding on bare palms. Ouch! I was lucky I didn't seriously injure myself and I was able to walk away with skinned hands and knees and a hole in my favorite running tights.

Since then I've been extra careful. I've ignored my Garmin and focused on safety rather than speed. Today, with our newly dry roads, all of that went out the window. I shaved a minute off off yesterday's pace and finished at just over 9 minutes per mile.

Lately I've been discouraged with my 10 minute per mile pace. Today confirmed my hopes that I'll slowly get faster as the conditions outside improve. And since I've never really worked on improving my speed, only my distance and endurance, knocking a minute off my pace is kind of exciting!

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