Tuesday, February 9, 2010

three posts in one day?

Julie and I ran 9 miles with our team on Saturday! I was really nervous about the run, since I had barely run at all the week prior and was still struggling with back pain. I surprised myself, and it was a breeze! I'm so proud of us! We're getting so close to 13.1!

Sunday was an easy 2 miler, so Akitla and I ran the trails at Lake Lansing park. Although I usually swim after my Sunday runs, I was feeling too sore and tired. My back didn't hurt at all when I was running, but it was extra sore afterward. To make up for it, I snuck in some swimming on Monday afternoon.

I really struggle with my controlling my breathing when I swim (freestyle). Exhaling underwater is a mess, and I struggle with getting enough air when I lift my head to inhale. Not to mention all of the water I've inhaled.... I'm used to being able to inhale and exhale when I feel like it!

I've also been struggling with my endurance, which I'm sure is a result of my breathing difficulties. Right now, I have to catch my breath at each wall of the pool. If I don't rest, I inevitably inhale a lungful of water. It's ridiculous that I can run 9 miles without getting winded, but I can't swim 50 yards.

Luckily, it gets a little easier everyday.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm also training for the Flying Pig Marathon in May. I'm so excited to be following someone else that is going through the same journey as I am.

  2. I just found your blog through the Flying Pig Facebook page. It sounds as if you are in the Lansing, Michigan area. If so, that is where I am. I am training for the Flying Pig also. My first marathon! race ever. Actually, my first I have my 13.1 planned for Saturday. I am a slow runner so I hesitate to suggest a run together, but it will be nice to follow your training! I am also doing swimming between runs. If you call it swimming. I find it very hard and I am not very good at it, so I can relate!

  3. Hey! I saw your blog on facebook. I am also doing the pig and team in training. I did the pig last year. It was the first time id ever ran 13.1 miles before. I am hoping with all the training this time the hill will b easier. GO TEAM!

  4. Go Tia Go!!! I am glad the bake sale went SO well. And they actually have a doggie bakery here in town...so if you want to head to the east coast, I'd be happy to be your co-baker and give the current bakery some serious competition!